The TQ Life

Tragically we have become slaves to anecdotal truisms, superstitious parodies, amputated theologies and pop religion.  The operative pronoun is “I” and our most life-shaping beliefs hinge on verbs like “think, feel, like, prefer, have found, heard, choose and want.”  The destructive results of this hazardous life are legion.

How many meetings do you attend where the most compelling metaphor or illustration trumps facts and results?  How often do your conversations about issues gravitate to a cacophony of peanut gallery opinions and uninformed perspectives? How much of your theology is caught like ideological bug splatters on your proverbial windshield without validation, evaluation or credibility?

Decision making, the life of following Jesus in all things and navigating circumstances is risky business.  The stakes are high.  Our instincts often poor.  We do not serve a God of confusion, chaos, contradiction nor is He distant and disengaged while we scurry in a maze.   Throughout the Bible is a cry for us to listen, remember, know, understand, and walk in the “fullness” we have in Christ – that our Father is in the business of granting wisdom to the seekers and unpacking mysteries!

Through intentional methods like triangulated discernment, tetherball anchoring and Biblically-shaped decision making matrices we must war against our propensity to embrace false dichotomies and cheap answers to big questions.

The TQ Life is one of refusing to casually dismiss truth or experience as inconvenient, but pressing in for the coherent truth even if it frustrates us.  The Kingdom of God is like a treasure in a field and we should never be surprised why trinkets of belief acquired from cosmic pawn shops fail to yield the “Kingdom of God here” life our souls long for.