Stop Praying for God to Show Up

What difference would it make if you knew you were not alone.  Ever.  What if you constantly had a super-power posse of characters who would put the Incredibles to shame with you everywhere?

A couple of stories in the Bible perplex me and I’m convinced, while legitimately historical scenes, they are insights into how many of us live too many of our days.  Here’s the rub…

Remember Mary who poured super expensive perfume on Jesus’ feet and caused an awkward scene at dinner?  Mary was a sold-out follower of Jesus.  He had literally set her free from demonic possession.  She followed him around after that and apparently became friends with Jesus’ mom (having the same first name didn’t hurt).  She spent a lot of time with Jesus.  Yet, when Jesus is buried in a tomb and she goes to perform some Jewish burial ritual, she is so focused on her task she literally misses Jesus standing there.  You can read about it (story) yourself, but think about that for a moment.  She literally asks Jesus a question like he’s a local contractor and misses who she’s talking to!

It’s not a girl thing, either.  Apparently the 12 musketeers of Jesus were just as aloof.  Jesus shows up post-burial to His disciples, one time along a walk to Emmaus where he literally spends hours talking with them and again for guys fishing where he gives them some professional coaching (it’s also where we learn that fish tacos for breakfast is a Christian/Jesus thing, sorry Mexicans).  Both times they are oblivious to who is among them.

I don’t think this pattern has stopped happening.  I think we go to gardens, fishing, the gas station, work, grocery stores and neighborhoods and operate as though our God is “far off.”  I get annoyed when I hear prayers for “God, come down” or “God please be present” as if He’s out on some cosmic walkabout and we’re beckoning him to make a visit next times he’s near our galaxy.

We are not alone.  We rebelliously, foolishly, sadly to our own functional poverty live too many moments as though we are.  Stop praying for God to show up, and pray to be made aware of His presence (meditate on this), to live as though He is real, present, good, powerful, caring, wise…Ask for open eyes, ears that truly listen and the depth of knowledge of His presence to live the abundant life given to us!

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